Imstruck.com is a platform for experimentation with micropayments, the Bitcoin lightning network, and other APIs.

Technical details: The liquid motion bubbler is a toy that anyone can play with from anywhere. One flip is 513 steps. ⚡ Lightning speed is slightly #reckless so some step loss should be expected.

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All prices in satoshis.

  • Basic - Slow like a good blockchain. Very relaxing. Enjoy.
    Cost: 50 + 0.25 / step
  • Premium - Produce artisinally hand-crafted, non-violent bubbles.
    Cost: 100 + 0.25 / step
  • ⚡ Lightning - You work hard so you play hard. Crank this toy at max speed.
    Cost: 200 + 0.25 / step
  • Autoplay - Sit back, relax, and enjoy ten half-revolutions, precision-timed for maximum results.
    Cost: 3125
  • FTB Stress Test - Turn once per minute for seven hours, the same amount of time our local bank branch is open each weekday. Not responsible if over-complicated machine breaks or gets all cattywampus.
    Cost: 75000